Thursday, February 22, 2007

Where Are They Now?

The mainstream media never follows up on news stories that they publish, and that really irks me. So in order to avoid pissing others off, I have decided to do a little follow up on the stories I have published on this blog thus far. So without further ado, let's get into it.

The New Orleans police officers who were charged with murder are now back at work. Six of the seven officers are working while awaiting court dates for their charges stemming from the murder of two New Orleans citizens in the days after Katrina. The seventh officer has left the force. Additionally, the DA has refused to seek the death penalty in the case. It seems that innocent before proven guilty only applies to certain people.

7 News is still reporting on worthless news stories that are highly unimportant to the world.

It appears that Thomas Finneran was granted that job over at WRKO, as he took over the morning drive radio show. He got mixed reviews, but one thing that baffles me is why politicians are giving him credibility by being on his show. The first day Governor Patrick phoned in. The man's lied under oath and abused his position of authority and power. At least he lost his ability to practice law, his state pension and his biotech job that paid nearly half a million a year.

The three Middle Eastern men who were involved in the mix up at the Port of Miami have come out and said that they were "treated like animals" and are considering a lawsuit against the city. Also, it appears that the story that was reported on by the media may not be what actually happened. Because of the media's short attention span, however, I could not find anything more on this.

Jason Kidd's allegations against his wife made headlines, but his wife's counterclaims recieved little fanfare. Joumana Kidd alleges that she suffered years of physical abuse at the hands of the basketball star and that Jason Kidd is a repeated adulterer. Some of his bitches include a bunch of television reporters, strippers in Arizona, Miami, Dallas, and Indiana (a worldly man), a Nets season ticket holder (talk about perks), a Nets employee and a New Orleans cheerleader. Jason, you dog, you.

Commercials continue to be annoying. A new one that is annoying is the President's Day commercial from GM when they have the "Hail to the Chief" song only remixed to add bass and a hip hop flare. Yeah, because all of the cool kids drive Buicks.

The boneheads who botched a drug bust in Pinellas County seem to have gotten off pretty easy. I don't believe their suspensions were extended or that the victims pursued a lawsuit of any type. However, it seems that I am not the only one calling for a harsher punishment for the officers involved.

Unfortunately, I could not find any recent news on the NYPD's blunder in handling a girl's allegations that a man posing as a cop tried to abduct her.

Rhode Island's racial profiling ban seems to be going on without incident, but New York City was unable to escape the profiling bug. A February report on "stop and frisk" incidents in New York showed that over 80% of those stopped and frisked were black or Latino. I don't believe that that one needs further explanation.

No word on whether the trash cans rejected by the Back Bay were moved to the neighborhoods that were asking for them.

Kevin Freibott now faces aggravated manslaughter charges, assault by auto and drunk driving charges, after the 2 year-old passenger in the car he rammed into on the Pulaski Skyway died. Additionally, Jersey City officials have admitted that they knew about Freibott's past but hired him anyway. Freibott was also the second cousin of the mayor of Jersey City, Jerramiah T. Healey. This story just gets worse and worse as more is discovered. As of February 2 the mother is still in a coma, and the family of the victims have served the city, the mayor and the police chief papers.

The party in Miami for Castro's death is still on, and Castro is still alive.

The prison system in the United States is still in critical condition. In fact, Human Rights Watch director Jamie Fellner says that this country is addicted to incarceration. Hard to argue against that given the numbers.

The off-duty NYPD detective that critically injured a young man while driving drunk caught a very lucky break when a judge decided that smelling strongly of alcohol while driving a vehicle is not enough to warrant a blood alcohol test. I can't remember the last time a civilian was able to dodge a bullet like that. Anyway, the victim was initially expected to die from his injuries, but is making a recovery. As of February 8 he was still unconscious but breathing on his own. No word on Duggan's punishment.

Celebrities are still in and out of rehab and doing crazy shit. There are those who should have gone to rehab and those who can't seem to decide whether or not to go and stay in rehab. Nostradamus predicts that this will continue to happen in our lifetime.

It turns out that Joseph MacDonald, the snowplow driver who ran over an old lady, was hired under Boston's "second chance" program for criminal offenders. While the program seems like a good idea, maybe there should be screening for specific crimes (like crimes involving driving for snowplow truck drivers?). It also turns out that after hitting the woman, MacDonald got out of the truck and talked to the woman on the ground, then got back in the truck and left the scene. Even better, Dennis Royer, who heads transportation and public works for Boston, said that someone should have checked MacDonald's driving record. When asked if he would check municipal drivers' records who were currently employed by the city, he said he did not plan to. Wow, way to point out a problem, then do absolutely nothing to solve it. Classic government operations.

That's all the stories that I felt needed to be followed up on. I will continue to do this every month or so in order to keep things fresh and up to date. If there are any specific questions relating to any of the stories I have posted on this site just leave them in the comments section and I will do my best to find the answer. Peace.

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