Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Something Just Doesn't Add Up

Cpl Bruce McKay
(Town of Franconia)
A bizarre turn of events saw the death of two men this past Friday in the small town of Franconia in northern New Hampshire. Cpl. Bruce McKay, 48, of the Franconia Police Department was shot four times before being run over by Liko Kenney, who is half the officer's age. Kenney was shot and killed by a passer-by, Gregory Floyd, who pulled his car over after witnessing what had happened, grabbed McKay's service weapon and shot Kenney while Floyd's son used McKay's radio to call for help.

The two deceased, however, have a rocky history. Back in 2003 Kenney was sitting in a parking lot known to be frequented by dealers and addicts when McKay asked to see Kenney's identification. Kenney refused and eventually tried to drive off but McKay was able to block Kenney from leaving and a scuffle involving three other cops ensued, during which Kenney grabbed McKay by the family jewels and McKay responded by clocking him in the face. Kenney was charged with a slew of charges from the incident and the next month was caught violating his probation by Cpl. McKay. In an unrelated incident, Liko Kenney copped to choking a 15 year old boy in January of this year, so it's obvious that Kenney had a violent history. It goes without saying that Liko Kenney probably was not McKay's biggest fan and that McKay pulling Kenney over for a speeding violation may have sent the young man over the edge and pushed him to kill McKay.

The story takes yet another couple of turns before finally playing out completely, reading like a Law & Order script. Kenney's family has come out and said that McKay had harassed Kenney while upper level police officers called McKay a merciful officer who actually supported Kenney by pushing for a lesser sentence from their altercation four years ago. While this language is to be expected from both sides, a third party has entered the fray.

Liko Kenny (Honolulu Advertiser)
A Franconia resident (he's been named by other news sources, but I will not name him because I do not want him to suffer any harsh treatment from McKay's colleagues in the future) has filed a civil complaint saying that McKay had said that he would take great lengths to "get rid of" the man, all the while suggestively alluding to his weapon while in uniform and with his police cruiser. The outcome of the case was unavailable.

The man who stopped his car and shot Kenney after McKay's death, Gregory Floyd, has not escaped the long arm of the long in his past, either. Floyd, a former Marine, was charged with unlawful gun possession after his neighbors complained of his habit of shooting automatic weapons on his property and the cops subsequently found six guns.

So here's what does not add up: why was Kenney out in the streets after assaulting a young boy not 5 months earlier? Just as a quick summary, Kenney received only 15 days for assaulting a police officer and received only a $250 fine for choking the young boy earlier this year. I don't know how the justice system works up in Franconia, but repeat offenders usually at least get probation or jail time for assaults, not just a fine. 

Secondly, why was Floyd cleared of any wrongdoing so quickly after the incident? It took Franconia officials less than 24 hours to clear Floyd, who has priors involving guns. This is especially surprising because Floyd has told New Hampshire state troopers in the past the method that he would use to kill them and told them he was a good shot because of his time with the Marines. In the linked article it also says that Floyd had threatened a meter reader and had a felony drug charge down South (it was only weed, but still, it had to be a lot for a felony.) Additionally, if Floyd had time to stop his car, grab McKay's gun, point it at Kenney and demand that he drop his gun before shooting him, how much danger was he really in? Wouldn't Kenney just have opened fire on Floyd when he got out of his car, or when he grabbed McKay's gun, or he pointed it at him?

The scene of the incident (Police One)
So what really happened out on that road Friday night? To be honest, we most likely will never know fully unless Franconia cops have good cameras on all of their cruisers that actually work. Did McKay threaten Kenney, who already felt victimized by the officer, making Kenney feel like he had to defend himself, or, which seems more likely if this scenario is true, sending Kenney into a murderous rage? Or was McKay just doing his job and Kenney, a young man who had been on the wrong side of the law numerous times in his short life, just snapped? Did Gregory Floyd stop his car on the side of the road as a concerned citizen looking to help out, or was he attracted by the prospect of shooting someone, which fit in well with his borderline obsession with guns? There are so many scenarios that fit into this situation and there are so many questions that have yet to be answered, despite the investigation's hasty conclusions regarding some people involved. A comprehensive investigation that lasts more than a day or two needs to be undertaken in order to sort out the details of this incident, as many of the people involved have complicated connections to each other and to the situation that should not be ignored.


  1. Yeah, you're right something doesn't add up, why was this loser carrying around a gun in the first place??
    I don't care about this history that the officer and Kenney had. What the hell was Liko doing with a gun anyway? There is no excuse for murder, plain and simple. Liko was obviously a bad seed and so his his loser cousin, outspoken Bode Miller. Bode Miller is nothing special. He is arrogant just like the rest of the family. The town shouldn't be divided and it's rediculous it that's true. No one is questioning why this loser was carrying around a gun. He also carried around knives it shows in his history. I think being Bode Millers cousin he THOUGHT that he was the law..
    There is no excuse for murder or carrying around a gun. You know that this piece of shit was looking for trouble, just like his loser Bode Miller cousin..

    1. I just now watched the dash cams; watching/listening to the podcasts etc. This article has many incorrect things about what actually happened :( I'm really surprised at this!

  2. If Liko had been sentenced to jail the first offense he committed, prehaps he would have learned something from the experience and grown up. Instead, he kills the officer; absolutely NO excuse for what he did and now he is dead as well. He was a ticking time bomb ready to go off and it was just a matter of time before this happened. This town is really screwed up if it is divided about a chronic criminal killed after killing a police officer. Yeah,something is not right...about the town. Wouldn't want to be a cop there.

  3. If Liko had a violent history and it was really documented, he wouldn't have been allowed to carry a weapon, which is our right to do.
    This officer should have allowed Liko to another officer, but McKay denied him his right. The more and more I hear about this, the more that I feel that officer Mckay was the bully.
    I think the officer had it out for him and this situation was a time bomb waiting to happen.
    There are no hero's in this. And, I find it sad that McKay is going to be put on a pedestal because he was an officer killed in the line of duty, but where does it leave Liko's family??
    Ofcourse, it's going to leave Liko looking like the "bad guy". I think this man was harrassed by the officer.
    Liko did the right thing requesting another officer, it was Mckay that was out of line and it cost everyone their life.

    1. You are correct. Mckay was a bully, having harassed many in town and should have been relieved of his position on the force maaaaaaany years earlier. Liko was a hot headed kid that should have had the chance to grow up. Floyd is a scumbag that couldnt wait to shoot someone. End.

  4. He was carrying a gun to protect himself. The cop probably was an asshole.

  5. Funny that the last one was posted by someone who is annonymous. Actually, that's freaking hilarious. The only thing about this situation that's hilarious. Poor-little-rich-kid gone bad. I don't care who he's related too, I've known too many of these pricks to have any sympathy for the devil. Even his relatives lived in fear of this one. And AOL is touting him as a free-spirited good kid...leave it up to the far left webshit AOL to try to spin this one towards those they cater. The saddest part is that the officer could have..neigh, should have sent his young ass to jail by not asking for leniency in the first altercation. I am saddened at the loss of an officer and praise the heroic actions of the pedestrian who saved the state of New Hampshire the money and time of a trial and housing a criminal.

  6. There is no reason for murder, you do not shoot someone four times and run over him with a car. This man had a history of anti-social acts, all the punks out there will stuck up for the murder because they just hate Cops.

    Glad someone save the state of NH the cost of court, with all the slime lawyers out there he would of got off!

  7. One thing that some of you rocket scientists with all the answers need to realize is that Franconia is not a city . With a department of 3...yes 3 officers , requesting another is not an option . And for the rest of you who are always so upset about Officers stopping people for speeding , uninspected vehicles , broken equipment , etc....grow the hell up . YOU , the voting public , have created the laws for YOUR safety . We do not make the law ,YOU DO.The Police just enforce the laws that YOU have enacted . Don't like them , change them .Stand up and act like you have a pair instead of complaining all the time . Put up or shut up !And as far as Body Miller.....he's a disgrace. Going fast down a snow covered hill with skiis on is not the sign of a hero . Those that do what it takes on a daily basis to raise a family , protect us(Military,Police , Fire etc.) and do the right thing even when it is unpopular is a hero..

  8. Whether people hate cops or not has no play in this incident, the bottom line is that Police Officers are hired to Protect & Serve..and this is constantly crossed by many police officers throughout our country. What should happen to avoid these incidents is education and not using excessive force, as shooting someone 4 times and running him over is definitely use of excessive force no matter what the situation was. If the officer had any training and had any ounce of good psychological training he definitely could have talked Liko from coming to blows. The marine should be convicted not only for murder but also for interfering with an unlawful situation and had no business coming to the officers aid. Both men has a history of violent behavior and quite frankly Liko is less responsible as a court appointed officer of the law should have never been in this situation if his ethics and his training were right. The problem is you give a guy a uniform and a gun and they start making prejudices towards individuals even if those individuals have a past history of semi violent behavior. Bottom line the cop was wrong and with the past history he should have been nurturing Liko being more than twice is age and being someone paid for by the people to act in justice. This McKay failed miserably with no matter what happened.

  9. From reading the story Liko was a bad person. Plain and simple, he just wanted an excuse to do what he did. There are a lot more out there just like him that get ignored everyday just the same.

    Bode Miller, get over yourself, we did. You're part of the problem, not the solution. By your admitted stunt, you egged him.

    As for the gentleman who shot Liko, Thank you and take one day at a time dealing with it as well. You did the right thing, but it will be in your mind forever now. It's not a good memory that this piece of crap imposed on you as well.

    I feel sorry for all the families involved but not for Liko or the others out there like him. For those of you out there who know of someone like Liko and are doing nothing to stop them, shame on you and the hurt you are going to cause families in the future because of your inaction.

    It's a sad world we're forming when we immortilize people like Liko.

  10. First of all, to have a department of 3 cops is NOT our problem as a citizen. It is OUR right to request for another cop! Erik, your comments are pathetic. Yeah, we make the laws but you didn't abide by them when Liko requested another cop!!
    JD--your comments were well said with good sense.

    The officer was a bully, let's face it. It's unfortunate, but let it be a lesson that when we request another officer, get another officer!! You are here to serve and protect, that didn't happen!!

    Paul-if he was a little rich kid, then why was he driving a silver, beat up shit box?? That's irrelevant!

  11. Bottom line....a cop pulls you over..you get out of the car and obey commands. The first time, the second time..everytime. The Miller-Kenney families clearly think they are above the law because their families have resided in this portion of N.H. for decades. This Kenney kid, as his cousin Bode, were and are ticking time bombs. Kenny had a pile of assaults, several restraining orders, erractic behavior and clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed. These are the facts His cousin is an arrogant prick and I couldn't be happier that he no longer represents the US on the national ski team. As far as the "bully" theme labeled for the cop, where are the facts on that. The motto for NH is live free or die...well, there you have it. A cop has to adhere to laws imposed by the people. If you have to deal with a bunch of hippies who live up to state motto then eventually the law and the law breaker are going to meet and the outcome will be poor. Good riddance to trash like Kenney.

  12. There was a HISTORY here, rumors of threats from the officer than reached this Kenney kid. He probably knew one day he would be pulled over by this particular officer (especially in a town of 3 police officers). His first mistake was carrying a weapon. The thing he did RIGHT was to request another office. BUT, he should have sat there and waited for another officer. You can't ellude, evade, outrun, etc. a police officer. He probably did think he was hot shit, but you know this officer antagonized these people. The PD probably doesn't like them to begin with. Where this vigilante justice of the gun-toting "marine" comes from, I don't know...how did they allow him to get off? Self defense? Puh-leez. I don't support any 26-year-old cocky kid with a gun any more than I support the police officer for antagonizing the kid. You know he did.

    Oh, and for the record, you do NOT have to get out of the car for a police officer. You can request ID first and can request another officer if something does not seem right for some reason.

  13. We may never know what really happened. Why was Kenny stoped in the first place? Waht about the passenger in his car? Sould be a hearing to get at some of the truth. What man sees a violent crime, officer shot and run over and just hops out and shoots another man? Needs more investigation by the State of NH. The man's child calls for help? A hard thing for to swallow wihtout futer investigation.

  14. Sorry, but McKay had every right to carry out his duty, that is what the towns people pay him for.
    Kenney was just a bomb waiting to happen, he probably would have eventually rna over or killed a child/or another person and would have hurt his Aunt if she ha not run away. People defending him are probably on the wrong side of the law and could care less about the laws to protect people. As far as his cousin goes, he has no respect for his teammates, family or any one else. Too bad. He should be sent to Iraq to vent his anger. DLM

  15. hey, Mckay did not carry out his duty. If he had, he'd still be alive today and so would be Kenney. There was not serve and to protect going on here but pure harrassment. If Mckay did his job, he would have honored Kenney's request for another officer!
    For us who support Kenney (not what he did), does not mean we are on the wrong side of the law or are criminals; how short sighted of you.
    Had he carried out his duty which WE PAID HIM FOR, they both would still be alive today.

  16. It seems to me that something is definitely wrong in this town. I served many years in Law Enforcement. In my state a person is prohibited from owning/possessing a firearm for five years after a conviction of misdemeanor assault/drugs/domestic violence. I state again this is for a conviction of a class A misdemeanor.
    No matter if Liko disliked Officer McKay. Who likes an Officer that arrests them? Nobody. The initial incident between the two took 3 Officers to place Like in custody as he was resisting arrest, HELLO!It didn't matter whom (Officers) performed an arrest on Liko. He has a history of violence against family members and police. Who do you know that has a restraining order on their nephew?! Nobody, I have met. This murder in itself is beyond excessive/horrific. For Pete's sake. Liko shot McKay 4 times and continued the escalation of violence by running over McKay! A car is a deadly weapon. No pun intended, ut that was over kill. Liko was menace to society. He would have committed the same act against any Officer who stopped him.
    For noherointhis..to obtain another Officer for a stop of the deceased Liko (for a traffic violation)..the preferred Officer would have to have use McKay as a witness to the violation. Then, the "preferred'Officer would most likely have had to obtain a warrant(depending on that states law).
    Liko dislays all signs of a sociopath. It seems this spoiled kid felt he was untouchable since he was related to an Olympian.
    Since, the cop asked for leniency in the first arrest it is most likely that he had was sparing this kid a hefty sentence/fine since it was his "first" arrest by McKay. That was compassion showed by Mckay for what McKay thought was a first offense. Assaulting a Police Officer (first offense, firefighter, or EMT is usually a felony in my state.
    It seems to me, even by the witness statements by Liko's passenger(s) that he had gone of the deep end after he drove away from McKay. That is another crime ..failure to stop at the demand and/or resisting arrest. Liko should not have been carrying a gun in the first place. It is quite obvious that this crime reeks of premeditation.
    As for anonymous...Liko should have obtained a concealed Deadly Weapons permit if he felt he needed to protect himself.
    Another thing.. if McKay had it out for Liko, he wouldn't have needed ID. McKay would only have need a valid insurance card. McKay would have run Liko's license and vehicle registration by computer.
    Yes, there are " bad cops" who would arrest their own grandmother for traffic violations..ect.
    I am sick of perpetrator's that sue the Officer and or victim of a crime. No joke, but perpetrator's and families of same, have sued victims of felonious crimes for compensation..IE.. for burglary and rape crimes the victim defending themselves and shooting the perp or fighting back.
    Our justice system is for the perp and not the "victim." The perps and or their surviving families have won compensation. This is actual case law. Of course, this usually occurs in lenient states, ..such as California.
    Just about every police agency is accredited. The standards held by accreditation cause many agency's to "clean house" of bad cops. When accreditation does an audit they look at EVERYTHING.
    I have NO sympathy for the Liko family. They knew this young man and should have taken steps to have him placed in behavior counseling/anger management.
    Heck, I have had perps place false complaints on me just because I arrested them. I went by the book and displayed no erratic behavior or preferential treatment. Liko could have been given a warning, (field, driving counseling) no ticket. Liko was already in a sociopath state (per his passenger(s) after he drove away from the stop.
    Liko proceeds to shoot the Officer 4 times and drive over him to assure McKay's death.
    Most states have a "good samaritan" law. Although the Good Samaritan should not have been carrying a firearm (per his history). He only did what a reasonable person thought was correct in the circumstance...and this fellow was not a fan of the Police due to previous arrests.
    As for JD commenting that McKay should have been able to talk Liko "down" ....this procedure only works for a reasonable person. Which Liko was not.
    I know from experience that a sociopath, high on PCP and combo of drugs or alcohol cannot be talked down. It is always easier to do it the "Easy Way" then the hard way. Ask them, tell them..make them. Who want to deal with resisting arrest if you can avoid it? More paper, an eternity at the hospital, then transport to court and lockup. It is a tremendous PIA!
    I feel sorrow for the families. Nobody, should have to die as violently as McKay did.
    Strange, New England is known to be a low crime area compared to the rest of the country.
    Yes, there are good Cops and bad. I always treated everyone as I wanted to be treated. It isn't a profession for everyone. Of course you have to use commone sense and Officer Safety. My motto, we are going home (alive) after this shift. That is what counts, to treat all you can with dignity ..til they escalate the situation .

  17. This sounds just like the Michael Bell case in Kenosha WI a few years ago. But the officer is alive. Bell was shot point blank in the head. You can learn more about this at Michaelbell. info

  18. It was only a matter of time for drug addict to commit a serious crime. If you look at the family, they all probably have a history of breaking the law. And obviously they think they own the little Town of Franconia. Well Officer McKay should be consideted a hero. He paid the ultimate price for this piece of shit. If the townspeople don't support the police they should shut down the police department and allow the State Police to handle their problems. God bless Officer McKay.

  19. I totally agree with what Paul had to say. I am a wife of a New Hampshire Deputy Sheriff. My husband puts on his uniform everyday to protect and serve the citizens of NH. I pray to God that I never have to face what Corporal McKay's family is enduring at this time. Floyd deserves a medal for stepping in and putiing his own life in danger to try and save that of an Officer of the Law. Rest in Peace Corporal McKay.

  20. I live about a half an hour from teh scene...Liko has been in trouble since day one, mommy and daddy have bought him off trouble for as long as they could. I have no sympathy for him but I do feel bad for his family, they have to live with this disgrace in a SMALL town.

    The big thing that doesn't add up is why won't Liko's passenger fess up to what happened? Because HE know liko's did wrong.

    As far as Bode being his cousin, that was so national news could be sensationalized for our small town area.

    The town is a small town where everyone is related and knows everyone elses business. But that also means they may have had a run in with CPl McKay so he must have been the bad guy...small town hick redneck shit (yes I live here too!)

    Our jails are full of low level criminals so that people like Liko don't end up in jail, just fined.

    The whole system is broken down but Liko shouldn't have had the gun. It was illegal for him to have it under his conditions.

    For any who doubt who'se at fault, think Liko's AUNT had a restraining order (and she's not the only woman in the area either) again him. I think that's pretty telling...

    www.caledoniarecord.com for the local paper coverage on this

  21. From reading the AOL article and the one posted here, it appears to me that Kenny was obviously afflicted with some type of bipolar illness (assuming he wasn’t a Meth head). One minute he is Mr. charming and “would do anything to help anybody", and the next minute he is assaulting his own aunt, which resulted in her requesting a restraining order against him. His actions were probably the last straw for her and not the first. I have to side with the cop on this one.

    To poster JD: Come back when you learn how to read. Speaking about cops in your post you said, “shooting someone 4 times and running him over is definitely use of excessive force no matter what the situation was”. Dude… The cop WAS NOT the one to run over the guy. It was the cop who was shot 4 times and then run over by Kenny. Get your facts straight, otherwise you simply embarrass yourself.

  22. I feel bad for the families. It seems a lot of police officers are posting and very upset about this case. I can understand that. It does sound like the guy (Kenney) was on some kind of drugs. I just wonder what would have happened if another officer had come on scene. Why he thought he could drive away is one of the signs that points to him feeling he was "above the law". Bipolar is a good suspicion, if he wasn't on some kind of street drugs.

    I am very interested in seeing what happens in this case. I wonder what the officer's family has to say? I also wish the passenger would be 100% honest.

  23. You don't have to wonder about Caleb being honest.

    I've met him and a lot of Liko's friends and you can read all about that, and McKay's Tahoe-bashing police tactics here:



  24. Floyd also threatened a responding officer and told the police he served in viet nam.

    Floyd is 49 years old.

    And he admitted in the full interview I am going to sue the state to make public that he never said a word to Liko, and that's exactly what Caleb Macaulay said too.

    As a member of the media, I bought the media kit.

    Look, I have sued AND represented LE and something's amiss here and I know it because I've visited Franconia and started production of a short film there, spoken with MANY locals.

    Take a look at the Boston Magazine story that ran today.



    "Chief Montminy does not keep arrest records subdivided by officer, but on the job last year, according to the word around town, McKay rang up over 300 stops—summary interrogations, drug searches—pursuing every infraction, no matter how petty, with the same bulldog ferocity. The other two full-time cops in town reportedly collected just 11 between them.

    Unlike Massachusetts, New Hampshire does not have district attorneys, and relies on police prosecutors to pursue guilty verdicts in minor crimes. To earn extra money, McKay filled that position for the town. Sometimes, when trying a suspect he’d arrested, he’d put himself on the stand to present the evidence. “I always thought he was a fascist,” says Jean McLean. That impression wasn’t eased by the Hitler mustache—a dab of dark hair right under his nose—McKay wore for a time, or the GOTCHA vanity plate on his Nissan 4x4.

    With such a profile, McKay attracted a lot of talk in Franconia, little of it flattering. Once, it was said, he pulled over a 79-year-old woman for an expired registration sticker. After she tried to explain that she was heading home to cook dinner for her husband, he made her wait in the car for two hours. When McKay discovered a group of kids celebrating their high school graduation by frolicking along the river, he had every one of their cars towed. He’d even threatened to ticket a man for driving his riding mower across the road. McKay’s targets rarely filed complaints, though. “People feared retribution,” says Roland Shick, an antiques dealer in nearby Bethlehem. “They were afraid McKay would attack their kids, or themselves.”

    After Kenney got out, McKay kept a close eye on him. He would often drive down to Tamarack, then slowly turn around by Kenney’s house, shining his high beams into the property. Just to say hello. “I used to be able to set my clock by it,” said neighbor Connie McKenzie, who saw McKay pass by her house, headed for Easton, every evening.


    "Connie McKenzie, who works as a nurse, arrived next and performed CPR on McKay until the EMTs took over. She says she wanted to check on Kenney, too, but was ordered not to. “I thought someone should at least take his pulse,” she says.

    Bill Kenney is among those who theorize that Floyd was an informal backup for McKay, operating on a kind of buddy system. The two lived not far apart, and seemed to share a similar outlook on the world. Floyd refuses to speak to the press, but some in Franconia also speculate that he kept a police scanner, which would have let him track McKay’s movements. In any event, in his role in the bloody events on Route 116, he outdid the slain cop-cum-prosecutor. For Liko Kenney, Gregory W. Floyd served as judge, jury, and executioner."

    John also did not have the full media kit from the AG's office that I have, which shows according to Floyd Jr. and Caleb Macaulay that Liko did NOT strike McKay twice with the car, so he wrote this:

    "Kenney revved his car forward, striking the officer. Then he backed up and drove at McKay again, this time plowing the front end of the Celica up over McKay’s torso."

    We now know, as I have written numerous times on my blawg, that such is not the case, according to Floyd Junior and Caleb Macaulay.