Sunday, January 14, 2007

New York's Finest?

101 Precinct (Forgotten NY)
A disturbing story coming out of the 101st NYPD precinct in Queens.

Two officers responded to a laundromat on the report that someone had posed as a police officer and had told a girl to wait at said laundromat. When the (real) police officers arrived, they talked to the fake cop (later identified as Eric McCoy), who told them that he had investigated a fight between two girls. The officers, taking McCoy's word, talked to the 15 year-old girl through the window of their squad car (to be fair, it was a chilly 46 degrees that day in Queens), then gave the girl a ride to the train station and ordered her to go to school.

Well, so what, so some guys posed as a cop and didn't really do anything. But this is where the story gets bad. Mr. Eric McCoy actually has a thing for having non-consensual relations with women. On December 4, 2006 he raped a woman in a motel room after posing as a cop. On January 2, 2007, he did the same thing, only hours after posing as a police officer and ordering a young girl to wait in a laundromat. Therefore, had the two officers in question done their job, which would have included one or all of the following: checking McCoy's credentials as a cop (which, if he had any, were bogus), talking to witnesses at the scene, interviewing the complainant (15 year-old girl), or getting out of their car to do anything, they could have possibly prevented a rape that occurred hours later. Seemingly harmless laziness led to very serious consequences.

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