Sunday, January 14, 2007

New York's Finest?

I could have a whole blog just on police blunders. This one coming to you from the capital of the world, New York, NY. Quick question before we get into the story: what do you do when a young 15 year-old girl tells you that someone posed as a police officer and tried to abduct her? You drive that bitch to the train and tell her to go to school, that is if you work in the 101st Precinct in Queens. Two officers responded to a laundromat on the report that someone had posed as a police officer and had told a girl to wait at said laundromat. When the (real) police officers arrived, they talked to the fake cop (later identified as Eric McCoy), who told them that he had investigated a fight between two girls. The officers, taking McCoy's word, talked to the 15 year-old girl through the window of their squad car (to be fair, it was a chilly 46 degrees that day in Queens), then gave the girl a ride to the train station and ordered her to go to school.

Well, so what, so some guys posed as a cop and didn't really do anything. But this is where the story turns (cue Law and Order "ding ding"). Mr. Eric McCoy actually has a thing for having non-consensual relations with women. On December 4, 2006 he raped a woman in a motel room after posing as a cop. On January 2, 2007, he did the same thing, only hours after posing as a police officer and ordering a young girl to wait in a laundromat. Therefore, had the two officers in question done their job, which would have included one or all of the following: checking McCoy's credentials as a cop (which, if he had any, were bogus), talking to witnesses at the scene, interviewing the complainant (15 year-old girl), or getting out of their car to do anything, they could have possibly prevented a rape that occurred hours later. Seemingly harmless laziness led to very serious consequences. Peace.

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