Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cop Pedophile Sentenced to Minumum Allowed by Law

Sgt. Brian O'Hare (L) (Telegram)
According to Boston.com, Brian O'Hare, a former Massachusetts State Trooper, solicited sex from a boy on the internet that he believed to be only 14 years of age. As a quick reminder, the law of consent in Massachusetts is 16 years of age.

The officer talked to the teen, who was really a fed pretending to be a young boy, for a couple of months before getting the courage to meet the boy at a mall in Medford, where he was nabbed for soliciting sex from a minor on the internet.

Now O'Hare was sentenced yesterday after pleading guilty. The judge had a choice: he could have sentenced the former state trooper and army vet to a hefty prison sentence so that he could maybe think about the thing that he did. He could put the man away for a good amount of time to keep the children of Massachusetts safe. What did he do instead? He gave the cop the minimum sentence allowed by law.

A pedophile is a pedophile. Whether the pedophile is a cop, a congressman, or a priest, at the end of the day they wanted to take the innocence of a young boy or girl and destroy their emotional state for the majority of their life. This deserves much more than 5 years. I believe that had the person not been a cop, the judge would have handed down a larger sentence, but as we have seen in the past, the badge can get you a lot of things. In this case, a smaller sentence for, what the judge even called, a "vile" crime.


  1. Sounds like someone was paid off

  2. So is Brian O'Hare still in prison today and where did he get sent to?

  3. Is it any surprise why some people dislike or get upset at the police who feel they can do basically whatever the heck they want and expect to totally get away with nonsense or expect a lenient punishment all because they're cops. In fact I wonder if some idiot politician or idiot training would-be cops at the police academy teach would-be cops that it's okay to abuse their power and expect little or no punishment. Finally some people certainly myself are simply not surprised that some people would "risk it all" by assaulting a cop who's physically abusive to them or would even damage(but not necessarily destroy)police property.

  4. The point of my previous comments are that it's time for the government to crack down on unjust cops and penalize police officials committing acts of crime the same way they would punish civilians who commit similar offenses.

  5. He was a great Leader, but a Shame he brought to our Unit

  6. Think about why people become pedophiles. Have YOU ever been molested? That lack of control over your body causes a level of confusion and shame about your sexuality that too often get's suppressed until it's too late. People you call pedophiles were most likely victims of sexual abuse themselves and our society should try preventing the chain of sexual abuse from continuing instead of just blaming people. Our society turns victims into transgressors all the time and fails to see how important circumstances truly are. I was molested by our local priest and was lucky enough to realize i was gay and not a "pedophile." I almost did what Ohare did, I almost tried to take the power back that I lost when I was first molested but I got help and am able to read between the lines now. Their is context in everything and a pedophile is not just a pedophile. The victim inside him could no longer remain silent and he made a terrible mistake, but society is also responsible. Think of his family.