Friday, April 2, 2010

Memo to Vatican Priests: Criticism of the Catholic Church for Sexual Abuse Charges is not Tantamount to the Persecution of Jews

I spent the entire time I was reading this article trying to figure out how, exactly, it was being interpreted that the criticism the Catholic Church is getting for a slew of new molestation cases is comparable in any way to the violent persecution of Jews. I couldn't find anything that answered that question.

Here's a request of all people in positions of power: please stop comparing things to the persecution of Jews, the Holocaust, and Hitler. The unfathomable atrocities of the past should be constantly remembered and the gravest of human transgressions should always be reflected upon and never be allowed to happen again. But comparing those atrocities with things like flak for sexual abuse allegations, health care reform bills, and political tactics not only detracts from your case for why you're right or why you're a victim, it also diminishes the barbarity, gravity, and enormity of those events.


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