Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fools' Day!

To honor this unofficial holiday I was going to write a post praising Palin and the Tea Partiers, ending it with "April Fools!" However, trying to come up with a post that sounded realistic and not over-the-top ridiculous proved to be an impossible task. So instead, I wanted to focus on Palin and the Tea Partiers in two humorous ways (is there any other way?).


I recently finished Game Change by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, which is a great book. I came across a passage today at lunch that made me laugh, so I figured I would share.
Then there was the matter of Palin's substantive deficiencies. On September 10, she was preparing to fly back to Alaska to see her son Track ship off to Iraq and to tape her first network interview with ABC News's Charlie Gibson. Before the flight to Anchorage, Schmidt, Wallace, and other members of her traveling party met Palin at the Ritz-Carlton near Reagan airport, in Pentagon City, Virginia-and found that, although she'd made some progress with her memorization and studies, her grasp of rudimentary facts and concepts was minimal. Palin couldn't explain why North and South Korea were separate nations. She didn't know what the Fed did. Asked who attacked America on 9/11, she suggested several times that it was Saddam Hussein. Asked to identify the enemy that her son would be fighting in Iraq, she drew a blank. (Palin's horrified advisers provided her with scripted replies, which she'd memorized.) Later, on the plane, Palin said to her team, "I wish I'd paid more attention to this stuff." (pp. 396-397)
Tea Partiers

Thanks to my eagle-eyed officemate, I can bring you this link in all of its glory. No commentary needed:

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