Friday, August 22, 2008

McCain is So Rich He Doesn't Know How Many Houses He Owns

Some of you probably remember when Obama made his now-famous comment regarding people in rural portions of America sticking to "guns and religion" during economic downturns. John McCain came out and attacked Obama saying that his comments were elitist and it showed that Obama was out of touch. McCain is probably eating those words now. When asked in an interview conducted by Politico how many homes he owned, he replied, "I'll have my staff get to you." That's right, McCain does not know how many houses he owns and to find out, he'll have someone on his staff get back to you - he just doesn't have that kind of time because he's so damn important.

As news of McCain's ignorance began to spread, the number of homes people were finding in his possession kept going up like home foreclosures these past few months. First it was four, then seven, and finally ten. The Huffington Post says that he owns ten homes, ranches, condos and lofts at a total value of $13,823,269. In an economy where people are struggling simply to own one home, to own ten and not know how many you actually have is insulting.

On top of all this, however, is McCain's assertion during the Saddleback Civil Forum that $5 million is the cut-off for rich people in America. This is very ironic as in response to Obama jumping on McCain's ignorance, McCain spokesman Brian Rogers stated, "Does a guy who made $4 million last year...want to get in a debate about houses?" Well, under McCain's financial definition of what is rich, Obama is not, so Rogers' comments can simply be ignored.

I don't expect either candidate to live a normal life. Hell, McCain got rich by sleeping with a wealthy woman who was born the year that he graduated high school and inherited her roughly $100 million worth from her father. Obama and his wife Michelle did not marry into money like a lot of politicians (such as John Kerry - who was attcked for this) and made their own. Neither candidate is a member of the middle class, though one thinks that a $150,000 household income makes one rich and the other thinks $5 million makes one rich. One candidate owns so many homes that he can't keep them straight while the other owns one and knows it. Take a guess as to which one may be more in touch with the economy and how other people live. Peace.

Photos - John McCain, home-owner extraordinaire (Paste Magazine), Barack Obama, single-home owner (Times Online)


  1. how dare you attack Mccain for this, that 5 million dollars thing was a joke, and he even predicted that you liberal leaches would pounce on it and suck it dry. And his not answering how many INVESTMENT PROPERTIES that his wife has, along with a few homes they own, is not a relevant question. And also, I would like to know, Obama said he owns one house, albiet he bought it under shady circumstances with felon Rezco, but, as a senator, does obama commute to work every day from Chicago to Washington D.C., HMMMM, of does he actually have a second residence in or around where he does his work, at the Capitol Building?

  2. Mike, the issue here is that when McCain tries to paint someone else as elitist and out of touch with the everyday American, he opens himself up to scrutiny like this. So to not know how many properties you have - whether they be investment properties or homes you reside in occasionally - shows that, in fact, you are elitist and out of touch. Maybe it's the fact that I, like many Americans, never owned multiple homes or investment properties, but to lose track of how much property one owns seems ridiculous.

    As to Obama having two homes - if this were true I'm sure Fox News and their cronies would have "pounced" on it and "sucked it dry." He probably rents a place in or around D.C.

    Plus, joking about people not being rich unless they make at least $5 million is not that funny. In fact, it makes one look like a douche bag.

  3. Why do you only have 30 choices by black artists for your music recommendations? It would be great if you were more "democratic" and open-minded and included music by people who are not of color. Hmmmmm.

  4. The $5 million comment was a joke -- followed IMMEDIATELY by McCain saying that it was indeed a joke and that he knew people would take it out of context. The guy has a different sense of humor which some people (albeit not you) find humorous. He said the absurd in order to prompt laughter. He knew it was absurd.
    As for picking Sarah Palin -- he obviously thinks she is a catalyst for change regardless of the human drama that has played out in her personal life. We all strive for perfection but she demonstrates that she is human. If her son said that he was a homosexual male, or her daughter said that she was a lebian should McCain have dropped her? Of course not!
    There are lots of things that happen when kids are involved....and it is not always the way a parent would prefer them to lead their lives. But it is, what it is and we move on.
    Lastly, her husband -- and the DUI -- ok, let's get rid of the whole Kennedy clan if we are to dwell on that issue. Do we shun Caroline or Ted Kennedy's son (who serves in congress) because Ted - his dad - (who was MARRIED) -- drove a young drunk girl while he was ALSO drunk, off a bridge and killed her? Alas, I can give you a very long list of skeletons in the closet and I don't even have to leave the Kennedy household.
    In the end, let's all agree that we are human, not without sin, and WILL err often in our lives. Instead, let's focus on the issues and policies.....
    Obama promised change but brought in a person (Biden) who has been in Congress for 35 years. Not much change there.
    He says he'll cut taxes for the fiscally challenged and yet it is the wealthy that pay close to 90% of the nation's taxes what exactly is his point?
    Obama said that McCain voted 90% of the time with Bush. For goodness sakes, all the votes in congress tend to be unanimous -- including the 93% of the time that he (Obama)voted with McCain!
    In the end -- I guess it's just rhetoric anyway.I believe that the debates will help bring clarity.
    Keep writing your "stuff" -- it really gets people chatting!

  5. Firenze:

    In this economy, it is not good to joke about $5 million being the cut-off for middle class Americans, especially given that McCain has admitted in the past that he is no expert on the economy. McCain has a penchant for joking about things that really should not be joked about (such as "Bomb Iran"). I would assume that the only people finding funny the fact that $5 million is the cut-off for the middle class are those who make more than that, not less. Michael Richards once said an absurd thing the get a laugh, too. It's not really an excuse.

    The only reason (and I have said this) that Palin's daughter's pregnancy is relevant is the fact that Palin prides herself on this "family values" "abstinence only" crap. I agree that kids do stupid things, but to thrust them into the national spotlight like that is cruel.

    As for the Kennedys, I completely agree: Ted Kennedy (and most of them, for that matter) are pretty damn sleazy. You're not going to find me defending a Kennedy anytime soon.

    As for Obama and McCain voting together 93% of the time, where are you getting this statistic? I looked for it and cannot find it (granted I do not watch FoxNews). I found some pretty interesting articles outlining their differences.

    And don't worry, I'll continue to write. Thanks for your input.