Wednesday, July 30, 2008

McCain Using Bush's Old Playbook

If there was any doubt in anyone's mind about whether or not John McCain's election to president would result in four years of Bush-like policies and failed initiative after failed initiative (based on false intelligence and straight-up lies, no less), the question has been answered. The New York Times is reporting that McCain's campaign is now being headed by former Bush campaign aides from 2004. Obviously there are many problems with this for McCain (only 32% of Americans approve of Bush's job, Barack Obama is no John Kerry, etc.), but McCain is desperate (as we saw recently with his foreign policy adviser continuing to seep garbage from his mouth).

In an America where Bush is one of the least popular presidents, one would think McCain would want to distance himself from him. Not so. While Barack Obama was in the Middle East meeting with key leaders, McCain was in Kennebunkport, ME at the Bush family compound puttsing around in a golf cart with Bush 41. Not exactly the image you want to send to voters who have shown that they are concerned about your age.

As I said earlier, however, this is not 2004 and Bush's strategies will not work. To begin with, Barack Obama is not John Kerry. Obama has held firm stances in his political career (relative to Kerry) and his popularity far exceeds that of Kerry. McCain may try to throw stones in term of Obama's somewhat shady real estate deal with Antoin Rezko, but he is in a glass house - very thin plate glass, not plexiglass - due to his womanizing and the whole Keating Five scandal. McCain's argument, as of late, seems to be that Obama is too popular (more of a complement with the king of all popularity contests - the presidential election - coming up).

McCain also cannot use 9/11 and terror fears as well as Bush did because Americans are not buying into it as much anymore. We have seen where rampant speculation and fear-mongering get us (namely: Iraq) and want nothing more to do with it. McCain's unwavering support of the Iraq War, where it may have helped Bush in 2004 to an extent, can only hurt him in November.

McCain also lacks Bush's charisma. While wildly unpopular, in 2000 Bush was labeled the personable candidate compared to Al Gore; someone who you may not agree with personally, but would kick back a beer or two with. This argument would clearly not work today for Bush, but in 2004 it may have held a little water. McCain on the other hand is seen as a bit grouchy and has a nasty temper.

Additionally, with today's economy and the horrible foreign relations that the Bush Administration has created for us, the voters do not want to hear whining about the other candidate and how he is a celebrity akin to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears (for one, Obama is very intelligent while Hilton and Spears would have to share a brain to get through a Dr. Suess book). We want to hear what the candidate himself would do; how would he fix the economy? How would he patch up America's relationships with foreign powers both in the Middle East and throughout the rest of the world? I couldn't care less how you view Obama's media status or what you think of his celebrity; he's got plenty of people looking after him. Focus on your campaign and stop worrying about the other guy. Peace.

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