Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yet More Trouble for Jersey City

The second-largest city in New Jersey has been marred again by its officials' behavior. This time it is Mayor Jerramiah Healey, who is accused of being shitty when he got into a scuffle with the po-po outside of a Jersey Shore bar in Bradley Beach. Apparently there was an argument between a couple outside of Barry's Tavern when Healey thought it best to get involved in everything after he had been boozing it up for a bit in the bar that his sister owns. When the 5-0 showed up Healey was asked to remove himself from the situation, but instead thought it best to antagonize the officer, finger pointing and yelling an obscenity at him. That's when the officer had enough and pepper-sprayed the mayor and his wife, but it is unclear whether the two were cuffed up. Jerramiah Healey was subsequently charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and obstructing justice. I don't know how well-reported this story was when it first happened because the trial, which started on Monday, began a year and a day after the incident. Gotta love the justice system and the right to a speedy trial outlined in the 6th Amendment, though to be fair it appears that Healey's lawyer team is behind the trial delay.

In any event, this is just another embarrassing episode in Jersey City's official conduct. Of course we cannot forget Kevin Freibott and his selfish actions that led to the death of a 2 year old on the Pulaski Skyway back in January of 2007. Or how about Officer Thomas Porter, also part of the JCPD, who only 6 days after his fellow officer killed someone on New Jersey's roads while drunk, went out drunk driving and was involved in a minor accident in which no one, thankfully, was killed. I guess I see now where Jersey City's finest are getting their example of proper alcohol consumption; their boss! Besides, how was Mayor Healey going to get to his vacation home that night from the bar? Anyway, this trial is not something Jersey City needs as it has to deal with some high-profile cases involving its city employees concerning alcohol. Maybe JC should go dry. Peace.

Photo - Jersey City as seen from Manhattan (Michael J. Totten)


  1. I thought you would do a report on the Roslindale bomber who recently escaped wearing woman's clothes. I think it happened last week.

  2. I couldn't find anything on this cross-dressing jail break, but by all means put the link here so we call can see it. Thanks.

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