Monday, June 18, 2007

Daily Wrap-Up

Apologies for the lack of posting, but I had to travel up to Boston Thursday night and had quite a busy weekend. So for the lack of Daily Wrap-Ups, I will have an early edition today and (hopefully) have a traditional post tonight.

The first story comes out of the Dirty Jerz. New Jersey's state Supreme Court has ruled that school districts in the state have some responsibility concerning what happens to students after dismissal from school. This came after a Pleasantville family sued the school district after their elementary school student was paralyzed after being struck by a car hours after school was let out early for the day. While I agree with one part of the ruling - that schools need to adequately let parents know when school will be dismissed early (it is unknown whether the Pleasantville family was privy to the school's dismissal time that day) - this opens the door to many other lawsuits by parents whose students are injured or hurt after school. Once the student leaves the doors of the school at the posted time, the student's parents are responsible for his or her well-being. It's called parenting.

This is big news for those Columbia students who hail from the Boston area and miss their Anna's Taqueria. Chipotle, an Anna-esque restaurant (though obviously not on par with it, because that would be impossible), has said that they will be opened for business by the end of June. While a bit pricier than Anna's (a burrito and drink for $5 is a big promotional thing for Chipotle while it is a regular occurrence at Anna's), it should hold off the shakes until you can get some Anna's in your system on a long weekend or holiday breaks.

Slow news day, so that's all for now. Suggestions for stories should go in the comments section. Additionally, props to the one and only Jesse Cooper for surviving a hold up down in Chile and props to Steve Kane for father's day. Peace.

UPDATE 6/28/07: I went to Chipotle yesterday as part of their promotional deal with Columbia athletics (I figured programs like football and anything else that requires athleticism here at Columbia could use some help, other than maybe basketball). While it certainly was good (whatever the chicken was mariated was nice and spicy), it was no Anna's and the latter's trademark quesadilla will never be overshadowed by Chipotle's burritos. That being said, the prices over at the McDonald's-owned chain are a little steep (just under $7 for a burrito - no drink or anything) and the only reason I went was because of the $5 burrito and drink deal. So while it most certainly won't be a regular place of mine for food, I might need it every payday or so to hold me over until Anna's and I can be reunited.

Photo: Opening of a new Chipotle (

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  1. chipotle's all right, and it's definitely nice to get a burrito place by campus, but I feel like New York is painfully lacking in quality burrito places. the chains (like chipotle) make relatively plain burritos, and all the hole in the wall places I've been to use shitty meat.

    you gotta come to california and try some of the places we have, like pancho villa. that place is the shit--they have a choice of like 8 different meats, they make giant burritos, and consistently win for best salsa in california (no word yet on if that competition goes national). also, I don't know if the east coast does this, but we have wet burritos, with salsa verde and melted cheese on top--it's bomb. they do cost ~$8 for a burrito, but I'd pay $15 if I could get one in new york.