Saturday, July 10, 2010

Breaking News: There Is Oil Flowing Freely in the Gulf

I know I've been picking on CNN lately, but it's so easy. I got a Breaking News email alert stating that BP was working on yet another soon-to-be failure. Usually I just delete them and move on with my day, but the last clause really caught me (I'm a sucker for the semi-colon). "Oil flows freely into Gulf." That's not breaking news, as oil has been flowing as free as a bird into the Gulf for the last 82 days. What's breaking news is that the geniuses at BP who have discovered how to get at oil miles below the ocean's bottom cannot stop a leak in one of their own pipes a mile below the ocean's surface. Every day that goes by I am further amazed at the utter lack of ability at a $246+ billion company. You think $20 billion is enough to pay for all damages resulting from this confluence of ineptitude? Not even close. What's breaking news is just how clueless everyone involved seems to be.

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