Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Terrorists Get Bail in Michigan; Double Standards Abound

In what seems to be a very disturbing double standard, a group of nine Christian extremist [alleged] terrorists have been released on bail in a case that should have reminded us that the realm of terrorism is not monopolized by those with darker skin and/or Islamic beliefs.  U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts overturned a lower court's denial of bail, saying that the nine would be no risk to the public while awaiting trial for charges of plotting to overthrow the government.

Now this case has already reeked of double standards, with the media hesitant to label the Hutaree militia as "terrorists."  I don't care what color you are, but when you plan to, as the FBI press release states, kill a cop then slaughter the cops that show up to the funeral with IEDs, that makes you a terrorist.  Other acts that should get you labeled as a terrorist?  Flying a plane into a building, mailing bombs to innocent people, and lighting your underwear on fire in a plane in a plot to blow up said plane.

Yet editors and staff at Newsweek had a running debate about whether Joseph Stack and the Unabomber were actually terrorists, but all agreed that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab definitely was a terrorist.  Many reached this conclusion because Stack and the Unabomber either a) acted alone or b) attacked those that they felt wronged them.  First of all, I don't care whether you do something alone or with twenty other people, when you commit terrorist acts you are a terrorist.  And aren't people like Osama bin Laden declaring war on America because they feel our way of life threatens theirs and is an affront to their god?  Do they not feel "wronged" by America in one way or another?  Are they correct in their assessment?  About as correct as Stack and the Unabomber were in theirs.

We need to stop getting hung up on things like religion and race when it comes to terrorism.  If we focus only on those of Middle East descent or fundamentalist Muslims, we're going to ignore other extremist sects in society that have the capability of doing serious harm to this nation.  Terrorism is terrorism, no matter what god you praise or what color your skin is.

Photo - The faces of terrorists? Yes (Talking Points Memo)

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  1. You can tell that they're Christians by their love of humanity.