Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why I Don't Feel Bad for Jesse James or Sandra Bullock

Jesse James showing poor judgment
(US Weekly)
Usually I like to keep my posts confined to the realm of politics and hard news, but this whole Jesse James and Sandra Bullock debacle is a) unavoidable if you have internet access and b) so pathetic. Everyone I hear who is talking about this falls into the whole, "OMG, I heart Sandra Bullock and I feel so bad for her, how could Jesse James do that, blah blah blah." So while they go and watch The Blind Side for the twentieth time, I'm here to tell you not to feel bad for either party.

First off there's Jesse James. CNN is reporting (see, I told you it was impossible to avoid) that James has checked himself into a rehab and other sources say it's a place that specializes, among other things, in "sex addiction."  Let's get one thing straight here: Jesse James, or Tiger Woods, or any other guy does not suffer from any type of "sex addiction." What he and the others suffer from is a lack of self-control. If Jesse James has a problem because he wants to have sex with women he finds attractive, then the rest of the male population in the entire world is walking around with an undiagnosed condition. In reality, however, the majority of the male population has this thing called self-control and the ability to think with their proper head.

So what is Jesse James' problem? In my humble opinion his problem was getting married. Jeter has played the playboy role to critical acclaim, because he can go do whatever he wants and does not get flak for it because he does not have a wife at home. James just made a poor decision when he decided to get married, because clearly he was not ready or mature enough to handle a commitment like that.

And then there's Sandra. She's riding high, having won an Oscar for her role in the The Blind Side. Then it comes out that her husband is is having an affair with someone nicknamed "Bombshell. But it's not like Bullock can be that surprised.  Jesse James was married twice before Bullock, the most recent failed marriage to a porn star. Let me repeat: a porn star. So how much of a surprise is it that James went back to having sex with a porn star?

On top of all of this, James just kind of seems like a jerk (the accounts of cheating notwithstanding). He is uncomfortably close to the white power movement, and he finds it funny to put on an SS officer's hat and perform the sieg heil. It's incredibly immature at best and downright racist at worst. Either way, it shows a propensity for bad judgment from a mile away.

The situation certainly sucks for Bullock, but as Ben Franklin said, "He that lieth down with dogs, shall rise up with fleas." Or get cheated on by those who blame their poor decision making and lack of self-control on an "addiction" created for the rich and famous as an excuse. James is trying to pull a Tiger, but doesn't realize that 99% of the country knows that both he and Tiger are full of it.
Bullock may be the victim here, but if you see a train coming down the tracks, have plenty of time to avoid it, but you stand there and let it hit you, how much of a victim are you really?

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