Monday, March 22, 2010

Politico's 'Unbiased' Coverage of Health Care

In case anyone still thought Politico was an unbiased journalistic publication, note that they put up an article last night titled "Some Dems walk the plank with 'yes' vote." Sure, it may turn out to be a politically risky move for many vulnerable Democrats who ultimately voted for the health reform bill, but Politico doesn't have the credentials in the realm of clairvoyance to be able to make that assessment just yet.

In fact, the conventional wisdom in many circles is that Democrats who don't vote for the bill will simply be lumped in with Obama in the nasty world of opponent rhetoric anyway, and will simply lose out on the opportunity to tout the fact that they just ended decades of irresponsible practices by health insurance companies and provided insurance to tens of millions of uninsured Americans. But I guess that's just as good as walking the plank.

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  1. travis "fucking" mushettApril 4, 2010 at 2:53 AM

    If Politico was interested in being credible, they'd fire their staff of mongoloid famewhore "journalists" and pick up writers who are interested in analyzing policy rather than their gang of douchenuggets who want to "drive the cycle." Anticipating how the cable news class will spin the cycle is not the same as "driving" it, John Harris.

    Although I am presently drunk, I could still train a particularly stupid downie how to predict center-right talking points on any given issue, so maybe Politico will take me on as a managing editor.