Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Albany Democrats Expel Monserrate

In a rare showing of tesiticular fortitude, the New York State Senate has expelled convicted criminal Hiram Monserrate from its ranks, because he slashed his girlfriend in the face with broken glass and was subsequently convicted for misdemeanor assault. Details are scarce, but deliberations have been going on for hours behind closed doors among Senate democrats, parts of which involved Monserrate himself, other parts of which he was asked to leave.

Of course, this would not be a Hiram Monserrate story if it did not involve Monserrate acting like a hubristic jackass. Monserrate has already begun the process of digging in his heels and fighting the expulsion, with one of his lawyers, perennial public advocate loser Norm Seigel, stating to the New York Times that, "This case raises substantial questions concerning what a constitutional democracy is all about."

While Seigel seems confused, as it is Monserrate's state senate career that has pissed on what "democracy is all about," what's clear is that those in Albany have let their guard down and actually got something worthwhile done. Only problem is that it was just six months too late. This should have been handled last year, not at a time when Democrats are getting killed in the polls, New York's budget situation is beyond dire, and our governor is a walking punchline. So, kudos to State Senate Democrats for expelling Monserrate (and hopefully Espada is next), but the timing of it all only proves how woefully out of touch they are with reality and their constituents who are subject to it.

Photo - Ex-State Senator Monserrate (NY Daily News)

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