Saturday, August 16, 2008

Name Change

The name of this blog has officially been changed. While I was entertaining Citizen Kane for a while, it just was not feasible because of domain name restrictions and all of that. After thinking a good long while about it, Raising Kane is the new name of this blog. To go with it, I have the official domain name of Everything will still be hosted through blogger (thus the same layout, etc.) but the domain name makes it a little more official.

I went with Raising Kane for a number of reasons. The most obvious is the fact that it has my name in it. But the phrase "raising Cain" refers to someone who causes trouble or creates a stir. I like to think that the topics that this blog covers are not easy ones and to talk about them is often seen as going against the status quo, which in today's society is equivalent to "raising cain." Additionally, it also embodies a bit of political maturity; having been raised on mainstream media and 24 hour cable news, to come to having your own blog and getting your own thoughts out into the "marketplace of ideas," to borrow from Oliver Wendell Holmes.

As always, any feedback is appreciated and I hope the name switch is a smooth one. Peace.

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