Saturday, December 22, 2007

Daniel Talbot's Murder Gets More Complicated

First of all, shots to Chris King over at Chris King's First Amendment Page, as he used this blog as a source for some updates on Daniel Talbot's murder. King's also got some great material on the Bruce McKay/Liko Kenney mess. Additionally, King pointed me in the direction of even more updates concerning the Talbot murder, and since then even more has come out from various media outlets. Of course the information is scarce and a lot of speculation surrounds it, but nonetheless I will try to decipher it as best I can.

It was reported on December 15 that a third arrest had been made in the Talbot murder. The arrested, Gia Nagy, was charged with accessory to murder after the fact, which carries a punishment of up to 7 years in prison. She is alleged to have helped Iacoviello after he allegedly killed Talbot. Prosecutors say that she helped break down the 9mm gun used to kill Talbot and then helped hide the pieces in a storm drain. The article says that numerous people have testified that they saw Nagy break the gun down and that Iacoviello had told other people that Nagy helped him with the gun (the latter of which, of course, is hearsay and thus in the majority of cases inadmissable in court).

Only five days later it was reported that a fourth arrest had been made in the case. 17 year old James Heang from Revere is being charged with accessory after the fact and unlawful possession of a firearm. There is no word yet, though, on what his role (if any) was in the murder of Talbot.

I will stress again the need for transparency in this case. The DA has been less than forthcoming with information from the onset of the case and something just does not seem right about this. The details are hazy, and some of the logic seems astounding. Hopefully some documents from the case are available at the Suffolk Clerk's office so I can try to get a better grip on what the hell went on on September 29 behind Revere High. Until then it seems that the prosecution will continue to feed us tiny bits of information to keep us pacified until trial. Peace.

Photos - Daniel Talbot (WHDH-TV), Gia Nagy (WBZ-TV)


  1. Thanks for the shouts -- coming right back atcha' over at my blawg in a few minutes.

    Holy Cow.

    Now a fourth arrest.

    Something very bad happened that day/night and unless there is transparency and integrity in the examination/investigation Danil Talbot's image will be stained in the public eye.

    And the police need to be written up for drinking in the park just as any other citizen would be written up these days. Gone are the times when the police would just take your 12-pack and tell you to run along.


    They give you a ticket and/or arrest you, and what's good for goose is good for gander, dangit.

    Here's all my posts for the Talbot case.

    Peace out and enjoy the holidays.

    Here's a nice link in the comments section to this post from another Jazz-head for your musical interludes.

    And here's an omnibus post that ties in police abuse on many fronts, including McKay and here's one about some rapist cops from Oregon and some alleged rapist cop in NH.


  2. WTF are you SLEEPIN' on me?

    You better take a lot at today's statements from the Prosecutor.

    The parallels between the Franconia case and this case are troubling:

    Mckay: A known hard-ass, a real dink.
    Talbot: Not known to be a real hard-ass or dink.

    Mckay: State and locals covered up his Use-of-Force violations for him bashing Liko Kenney's car with his Tahoe, then OC spraying without any command whatsoever. In fact, they won't produce ANY Use-of-Force reports for this clown, not even though a duly-licensed lawyer Troy Watts specifically wrote me and told me he knows the documents and video of another incident exist.
    Talbot: State and locals are not actively pursuing any charges against the officers for unlawful drinking, even with their firearms on them in public. That's gotta' be a violation of protocol. Is that why Sergeant Ervin Franklin and other officers on scene never pumped any shots into the perps?

    McKay: Caused someone to reasonably fear for his life.
    Talbot: Trash talked someone, but to what it appears, did not directly cause anyone to fear for his life.

    Namaste my brother =^.)

  3. Were they drinking at Margarita's all night?

    They went there after firearm practice, which you know was prolly at like, 3 or 4 p.m......

    Now by no means am I saying that whatever Officer Talbot allegedly said to Mr Lodie merited an affront, but at the same time the story says that the Defendants did not know that they were police officers... which might mean they thought they were dealing with another gang, and gangs do what gangs do which is shoot to kill.

    Hindsight is 20-20 but damn, guys.


  4. Do you know anything about a 19yr old girl Whytney that is involed in this case as a possible witness?