Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Daily Wrap Up (Sort of)

More like two stories that I'm not going to do two full posts on in one. Let's go chronologically, shall we?

The Middle East is not enough...
No, we need to alienate ourselves from Europe, too. As was reported on last night, National Intelligence Director Michael McConnell told the Senate Judiciary Committee that al-Qaeda might be recruiting and training Europeans to carry out attacks on American soil. He, along with Michael Chertoff's concurring, said that because Europeans do not necessarily require visas to come into America, some terrorists who are European might be slipping under the radar and entering the country (holy shit, some of them might even be white!). But wait, I thought that they were all coming in from Mexico.

Anyway, this does not bode well. Let's say that we require visas for all European travelers because we are so scared of a couple of them blowing up the whole country. That will piss off the EU and other European countries who will require the same of us. This will make it even more inconvenient to travel to foreign countries because beyond Customs taking forever to search your bags, you're going to have to go through the whole visa process, as well. So before we go an piss off our European friends across the pond, let's think about this whole thing first.

Man Robs Bank with Bomb Strapped to his Body
Strange, but true. A man with an apparent bomb strapped around to his body (authorities have yet to verify whether it was a live bomb or not) robbed a bank in Hollywood, Florida. The po is saying that the man was a victim and not a perpetrator in this crime, as apparently three masked men stormed his house yesterday and forced him to rob the bank, where he also works. Apparently the men made off with a lot of dough, too.

This reminded me of an incident a few years back in which a pizza delivery man had a live bomb locked around his neck and died when it exploded. He had told authorities, before the bomb detonated, that he had nothing to do with it and that he was an innocent victim. Four years after the incident, authorities came out and said that he helped plan it and that his two other co-conspirators pretty much played him. There is nothing really to analyze here, I just find the two stories intriguing and, it being such a weird crime, was wondering why CNN did not connect the two. Peace.

Photos - Top: Europe ( The man with a bomb strapped to his body after he robbed the bank (

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