Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daily Wrap Up

This is something new that I am going to play around with to see how it works for me and how it is received by you. Essentially, there are numerous articles that I would like to write about everyday but just do not have the time. In this section, I will pick out a couple of articles that I would have like to write about but could not and quickly go over them. Kind of like an FOTD for those of you privy to that info.

Leading off, Dallas is experiencing a new drug fad. "Cheese" heroin (named for its parmasean cheese-like structure or an abbreviation for chiva, the Spanish word for heroin, according to authorities) is spreading quickly through the younger demographic in the city. A combination of black tar heroin and common over the counter drugs containing the antihistamine diphenhydramine, "cheese" combines two downers and can prove quite deadly. While it may have a funny name, the sobering fact is it has killed 21 teenagers in the past two years in the Dallas area alone.

Also in drug-related news, the New York Times ran an article in its Style section that labeled cocaine as "the new marijuana" and even said that cocaine use was more socially acceptable in New York's club scene than smoking cigarettes. Also in the article was why coke is bad and a European named Kristoff proves to readers why we hate I-Bankers. If the paper really wanted to do a coke piece, come on up to Morningside Heights because, in the words of Jay-Z, this campus "moves weight like Oprah."

Finally, given Bush nominee for Surgeon General Dr. James W. Holsinger, Jr.'s anti-gay research writings, I thought that a BBC article from back in the day (January, 2005) would be a nice reminder as to how the top brains in our government view homosexuality while showing off their creativity. Way back in the day (1994) the Pentagon considered building what they called a "gay bomb," a bomb filled with aphrodisiacs and such that, when dropped on a enemy, would make them all insatiable to each other and thus turn them all gay. I'm not kidding. Also considered: a chemical that would give enemy soldiers chronic bad breath or overwhelming flatulence to make enemy combatants easily identifiable among civilians. Not exactly a brain trust over in the Pentagon.

Photos - Top: "Cheese" heroin, Bottom: Video about the gay bomb

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