Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Time to Face the Music

Lately our society has seen a lot of scandals (or whatever you want to call them) and has seen just as many (if not more) excuses. It seems that celebrities and politicians use drugs and alcohol as an excuse for their poor behavior and decision making. I could cite hundreds of examples, but quite frankly I do not have the time or the energy, so I'll pick a select few. First up is a member of (surprise, surprise) the Kennedy clan. Patrick Kennedy slammed his car into a barrier outside of Capitol Hill, then blamed it on his addiction to alcohol and pain killers. Kennedy avoided serious discipline from the House where he serves (D-RI) when he agreed to go to rehab (again). Mel Gibson's boozing and cruising was highly publicized, as was his entry into rehab (an excuse for breaking the law). Who could forget Mark Foley and his attempts to get with a page? His excuse? Yup, alcoholism and subsequent rehab stint. While Foley stepped down (it's hard to represent constituents while going through detox, unless you're a Kennedy), Dennis Hastert stayed in the Speaker of the House position, despite reports that his colleagues had alerted him to Foley's inappropriate exchanges with the 16 year old page and that he had done nothing to rectify the situation. And most recently, the mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, admitted to boinking his aide's wife. That's low. What's lower? Blaming it on the booze rather than your lack of will power to not bang your friend/aide's significant other.

So what is the point of this? We are in a culture that seems to be telling us that if you make a mistake, you can blame it on a disease that a lot of people suffer from who a) do not make the same mistakes that the rich and famous do, or b) suffer the consequences that come with making mistakes in life without being able to skimp off to rehab to avoid all blame. Addiction is a disease, there is not doubt about that, but to exploit it the way that these people have done is not right. Rather than focusing on the problems in his life, Patrick Kennedy went to rehab, hoping the problems would solve themselves. Instead of looking in the mirror and identifying what needed to be fixed, Mel Gibson went and got loaded and was caught. Rather than deal with the fact that he was a homosexual (and possibly a pedophile, depending on how young he likes his boys), Foley covered up his discretions (the pedophilia, not homosexuality) with the smoke screen of alcohol. And finally, instead of Gavin Newsom realizing that he was a total d-bag because he had sex with his friend's wife, he is trying to get everyone to focus on his drinking rather than his immoral behavior. It is time that everybody faced their problems rather than mask them with drugs and alcohol, and when we do end up doing something wrong, the real healing will begin when we admit the mistake rather than make excuses for it. Peace.

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