Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"Extreme Cruelty"

It was reported yesterday that Jason Kidd has filed for divorce from his wife, Joumana Kidd, after 10 tumultuous years of marriage. While that in and of itself is not really news - divorces happen everyday here in America, where we are upholding the "sancitity of marriage" by not allowing gays to marry - the circumstances of the divorce are. Jason Kidd has accused his wife of being abusive and extremely cruel to him, both physically and mentally. He has gone so far as to put out a restraining order on the previous Mrs. Kidd because of her abuse while filing domestic abuse complaints against her.

Of course, Jason Kidd is not 100% a victim here. Back in January of 2001, Kidd was arrested on domestic abuse charges while he was a member of the Phoenix Suns. The matter was resolved when Kidd agreed to anger management classes. The problem seemed reconciled, but apparently it was not. It seems Joumana got sick of being Jason's punching bag and fought back. But the question of how much physical damage she could do is ever present. At 6'4", 210 pounds, Jason would be a formiddable opponent to a much smaller, skinnier Joumana. Jason has accused Joumanna of abusing their children, and if these accusations are true, then shame on her. Especially when you have such a cute kid. At the end of the day, Jason started the hitting, and now he accuses Joumanna of finishing it. Peace.

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