Saturday, January 6, 2007

7 News

One of the most aggressive and most-advertised news stations in New England is WHDH-TV's 7 News. Of the 11 o'clock news stations, it is also the one wrought with the most mistakes throughout their programming. They show the most pointless news along with the most overly dramatic storytelling out of the numerous media outlets I have seen/heard/read. I saw a news story the other day about a grandmother who drove her moped into a storm drain in Miami and 7 News ran a full piece on it featuring video feed from the scene and an annoying reporter screaming into the microphone for no reason and using the passive voice nearly the whole time. It was pathetic.

That's not to say that the other news outlets in the region are much better. Just yesterday Channel 5 opened their 5 o'clock broadcast with breaking news from Newton. There was a case of road rage near BC and someone's window had been kicked in. No injuries, no arrests, no excitement, but with the flashing police lights in the background and a hyper reporter dramatizing live from the scene, the consumer was to assume that this story was more important than any of the other stories that were to follow (which it wasn't). The media in general does this crap and it is highly annoying to someone who actually gives a damn about what is going on in the world and not about some stupid disagreement that involved a shattered car window. It's harder and harder to find even semi-objective news. I'm not asking for 100% objectivity (because it is impossible), I would just like a news outlet that has the stones to at least attempt to report the news objectively. Peace.

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  1. I think those damned fools are just trying to bring down Newton's rep. for being the "safest city in the country".